Nasuni Access Anywhere 2309.1 Release Notes

Document last updated: Mar 20, 2024

For new deployments see Getting Started: Nasuni Access Anywhere Server On-Premises.

For upgrades see Nasuni Access Anywhere 2309.1 Upgrade Guide

Access Anywhere Server 2309.1.4

Resolved Issues

  • SME-8533 - This addresses an issue with GetFolderContents returning “total” as both a number and a string.

Access Anywhere Server 2309.1.3

Resolved Issues

  • SME-8482: Resolves an issue downloading files via the Azure Blob Storage connector.

Access Anywhere Server 2309.1.2

Resolved Issues

  • SME-8379: Resolves an issue where folders are incorrectly shown when the number of hidden managed folders in a folder exceeds 500.

Access Anywhere Server 2309.1.1

This Hotfix is intended to resolve an issue where some file names and paths were being truncated.

Resolved Issues

  • SME-8326: Filename being truncated in legacy connector

Access Anywhere Server 2309.1

This service pack consists of numerous bug fixes and changes to increase the stability of the Access Anywhere platform.


  • SME-8263: Improvement to Solr re-indexing related to permissions updating
  • SME-8096: API now supports rename of files without extensions supporting AutoCAD temporary files.
  • SME-7987: Resolved an error present when calling getProviderInformation in the NAA API

Resolved Issues

  • SME-8203: Fixed an issue where Org Admin deletion didn't work in certain situations
  • SME-8119: SMB mount no longer returns stale data
  • SME-8099: External users are now able to Edit in Office Online through Shared With Me
  • SME-8073: Permissions Sync fails when Login Field is “userPrincipal with domain suffix”
  • SME-8009: Solr records are not updated on some Nasuni folder permissions refreshes
  • SME-8004: Provider Re-sync no longer fails with out of memory error
  • SME-8003: Provider Re-sync no longer fails when a folder permissions sync fails

Access Anywhere Server 2309.0

Solr Migration

Compared to previous Schema upgrades, this one requires a reindex of the data in Solr. ​

What is reindexing? ​This is the process of re-ingesting the records in Solr back into Solr again, so that it can activate its new schema on each of those records. ​

We've developed a tool to assist in the reindexing process for customers. ​Please visit the upgrade guide below to learn more.

Upgrade Guide -

New Features and Updates

Search By Folder

Users are now able to select a folder to search within specified folders from the Search screen. This allows users to focus their search to a specific area and limit the results, when the location of the search results is known. Users can also right-click on any folder in the File Manager and select “Search within this folder” to auto-populate the search selection on the Search page.



Search Logic Improvements

We have improved the matching logic of our search engine to increase the likelihood of the correct multi-term search results showing up with a higher relevancy than before.

Search UI Improvements

The layout and configuration of the Search page’s tools have had a minor update to improve the usability and clarity of understanding.

Duplicate Folder

Users can now duplicate folders in the same directory. The name will be appended with “copy” by default to differentiate the copy from the original. This naming convention can be overridden.

Audit Event Log Prune

Audit Event logs are now pruned after 60 days. This retention period is configurable by the Appliance Administrator.

Nasuni Provider

For the Nasuni Provider trash is now always disabled and folder refresh is always enabled. The Remove Trash and Folder Refresh options have been removed from the Nasuni provider configuration page.


Items existing in trash are no longer being indexed by Solr

Resolved Issues

  • SME-7733 Improved error handling & messaging for server errors and warnings
  • SME-7696 Fixed issue where the edit button was available in some instances when it should not be
  • SME-7694 Fix PHP errors and warnings
  • SME-7691 Not all auth systems refreshing by the appropriate tasks
  • SME-7687 Fix sorting when download chunked files
  • SME-7671 Upload tasks would sometimes return Can not connect to server error
  • SME-7636 Index action returns a file/folder even if Audit Event Logs show that indexing is completed
  • SME-7615 Fixed incorrect HTTP response when thumbnails could not be created.
  • SME-7605 Improved “file not found” message in file manager
  • SME-7590 Cloud side lock could fail in certain scenarios during Collaborative Edit.
  • SME-7575 Allow multiple mounted folders in SMB Single User provider
  • SME-7561 Fixed issue when related files tree is closed and the searched file is not selected after clicking 'Open container folder' if related files tree was opened before
  • SME-7529 “Editing in Office Online” label is no longer shown when file is just locked and not edited
  • SME-7528 File rename in SMB provider would sometimes fails with error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
  • SME-7526 AutoCAD Viewer was returning error in a Shared Folder
  • SME-7521 An issue causing renames of folder to be very slow with the Nasuni provider has been fixed
  • SME-7511 Orphaned Task Schedules resolved
  • SME-7497 Email Template Editing was injecting FQDNs into emails incorrectly
  • SME-7495 File with long extensions over 6 chars (e.g. FinReport.numbers) was not getting content indexed
  • SME-7488 Reseting 2FA for a user was not forcing them to setup 2FA on the next login
  • SME-7461 When Provider Syncs fail, it could sometimes clear the Provider Statistics
  • SME-7458 Tags from classifications were being added to fi_tags when editing a file
  • SME-7451 Incorrect behavior for “Share for edit” option when “Require verification code for guests” is checked or a password is entered. (File Sharing by URL)
  • SME-7450 Incorrect behavior for existing users when “Require verification code for guests” option is enabled. (Sharing file by URL)
  • SME-7449 Provider re-sync was failing with error NTSTATUSSHARING_VIOLATIONS
  • SME-7448 Move folder task was not showing progress
  • SME-7441 Fixed grouping on Storage Credentials page
  • SME-7435 Shared by URL folders could sometimes hang while loading
  • SME-7433 JavaScript errors if you try to copy/move folders when the filter search is active in a folder with 100+ items
  • SME-7432 MSOffice files which have the extensions in uppercase and are discovered on sync can not be previewed with the error message 'No endpoint for this type of a file'
  • SME-7427 Deleting Shared URL folders no longer leads to Session Expiration
  • SME-7422 Classification values containing spaces can now be searched using conditions
  • SME-7395 Broken CSS customization on auth screens fixed
  • SME-7390 API GetFile with .URL files returns mixed API response
  • SME-7387 Fixed M-Stream upload option return type values
  • SME-7384 Transcoding - Proportions not fully consistent
  • SME-7378 FM Shows Only One Lock Icon When Two Files Are Locked
  • SME-7375 License Key Expiration Message Incorrect
  • SME-7374 Deep Cloud Refresh Prevents Other Actions Which Should Be Allowed
  • SME-7370 MS Teams on Mobile not automatically opening folder
  • SME-7339 PHP Memory error when save big document with MS Office Online integration
  • SME-7329 updateFileMetadata with classification only (without tags) call does not put file in solr indexing
  • SME-7320 SQL query that gets provider re-sync tasks is slow
  • SME-7314 Shared With Me UI Corrections
  • SME-7311 Solr Sorting not always working
  • SME-7295 Azure Blob - Metadata being removed too eagerly
  • SME-7271 Cloud Refresh of .versions folder corrected.
  • SME-7268 Fixed generating names of mounted folders in Nasuni provider
  • SME-7207 Verification code checkbox behavior was not consistent. Could send unusable links in certain conditions
  • SME-7179 Move a folder to trash could accept two tasks for same folder.
  • SME-7153 Unable to delete a folder with subfolders from Nasuni provider
  • SME-7139 Fixed Slack integration
  • SME-7135 Fixed SAML login for MS Office Mobile app
  • SME-7133 S3 Object wIth trailing space could not be renamed through the File Manager
  • SME-7107 getFolderWatermarkStatus API fails for org member with admin role
  • SME-7039 CloudSFTP. Fixed uploading files with PowerShell
  • SME-7020 Fixed Frequent Session Terminations
  • SME-6989 Resolved API harness tool fatal error
  • SME-6968 Change package option for Org member is now hidden
  • SME-6856 Example of IP Addresses is Incorrect
  • SME-6791 Missing Archive Download Option for External Users
  • SME-6619 Org member cannot create tags even if allowed

End-of-Life Features and Recently Unsupported Items

Below is the announcement about the start of certain connector deprecations.

Legacy OAuth Connector Deprecation Announcement

Nasuni Access Anywhere (NAA ) is announcing the official deprecation of several legacy OAuth connectors as of March 1st, 2024. On or after March 1st, 2024, we will no longer support versions of NAA that included the deprecated connectors listed below.

Supported connectors (NOT being deprecated)

We will continue to support our primary OAuth connectors, which include:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Office 365
  • OneDrive

In conjunction with the release of NAA version 2309, the OAuth service is being upgraded, requiring the above OAuth connectors to be re-authenticated to continue to sync your files. We expect this upgrade to occur on or after October 11th, 2023. Nasuni Access Anywhere will not remove any files or metadata, but users will need to re-authenticate to continue to use these connectors as expected.

Connectors to be deprecated

A non-exhaustive list of the soon-to-be deprecated connectors includes:

  • AmazonCD
  • Evernote
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sites
  • Google Storage
  • Huddle
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SalesForce
  • SkyDriveAPI

How can I tell if I am using one of the deprecated connectors?

Nasuni will provide a tool to scan your configuration and alert you of connectors that will no longer be supported. The tool will be linked in the release notes of the NAA version 2309 slated for an October 11th, 2023 release.

What actions must I take before I upgrade to NAA version 2309?

The service underlying the connectors is being updated. There is no need for you to take any pre-upgrade actions.

What actions must I take after I upgrade to NAA version 2309?

If you are using a supported connector, you must re-authenticate to continue syncing. Nasuni will provide a tool alongside the NAA version 2309 release to scan your configuration and alert you of which connectors are being used and where in your configuration they are.

If you are using a connector that is to be deprecated, you need to plan for a loss of functionality of that connector on or after March 1st, 2024.

When will my deprecated connectors become unusable?

You can expect any deprecated OAuth-based connectors, including those not listed in the above-supported list, to cease functioning on or after March 1st, 2024.

Can I expect this to happen again?

This specific change is only planned to happen once. If our supported OAuth providers are changed in the future, we might also need to make changes to our product. We will always make deprecation announcements with ample time for our customers to make adjustments.

Where can I read the Nasuni End-of-Life Policy?

The Nasuni End-of-Life Policy can be viewed here: Nasuni End-of-Life Policy.

The Nasuni End-of-Life Policy is also available on the Nasuni Customer Portal in the Product Lifecycle section of the Documentation page.
To visit the Nasuni Community Portal, use the Community Portal link.