Registration & Acceptable Use Policies

Registration and acceptable use policies can be configured based on the needs of each organization. Acceptance of policies can be required before a user can access the system, and acceptance is logged in the audit event log.


The Registration & Policies page can be accessed by the Appliance Administrator (appladmin) under the Settings menu. The following appliance settings are available:

  • Are users allowed to create their own accounts on this appliance?

    Will the login page offer the ability to create an Organization account. Used for multi-tenant appliances.

  • Must users agree to policies before they can access the appliance?

    The user will be prompted to accept policies when accessing any page.

  • Allow API access for users who have not accepted the policies? Authentication attempts through the API will see an error that policies have not been approved. The user must login through the web interface to review and approve policies.
  • Reprompt for agreement when a policy is updated? When the contents of a policy are changed the user will be prompted to review and approve on their next login.

Available Policies

Policies can be enabled independently. These policies are offered to each user:

  • Terms of User
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy

This policy is offered to the Organization Administrator

  • Data Processing Agreement

This policy is offered to users downloading files or folders via share links

  • File / Folder sharing policy.

Enabling Policies

Policies can be enabled or disabled independently.

An expiration date can be enabled. If “Must users agree to policies before they can access the appliance?” is enabled users will be prompted after the number of expiration days has elapsed.

Changing Policy Content

The name and contents of each policy can be changed.