Conflict files

Conflict files can occur in the following situations:

• A file is locked by one user and edited by another user simultaneously. The owner of the files is working on the version that will be updated and the other user is working on a version that will become conflicted.

• A file is edited offline while someone else edits the same file online and the two versions are out of sync ie. the timestamp shows the uploaded version is earlier than the newer version

• There is some issue with a rename that causes a rename unable to not fully take place. If this occurs then a conflict file may also be created

Conflict files and versioning

If a file is not locked (and being edited) then no conflicts will be created and versioning will be the means of resolving conflict issues.

** Conflict files may be versioned as they are treated as normal files → its not likely a user would want to do this but there are no special exceptions for these file types