Shared Team Folders Permissions Report

last updated on: February 4, 2022

The File Fabric provides granular controls over access to Shared Team Folders. It also provides a feature that allows organization administrators to create a reports of the permissions that apply to Shared Team Folders. This page describes that feature.

Accessing the Permissions Reporting Feature

Organization administrators can access the Permissions Report page by clicking the “Full Permissions Report” button in the upper right of the Shared Team Folders page.

Content Filters

Dropdown menus in the Filters panel allow the following filters to be set: Folder You can select a single top level Shared Team Folder or run the report for all Shared Team Folders.

User You can select an individual user or run the report for the org.admin and all org. members.

Include subfolders When this option is enabled the subfolders of each Shared Team Folder will be included, whether those subfolders inherit their permissions from the top level folder or the subfolders are managed.

Permission type Results can be limited to one of the File Fabric's supported folder permission types or they can include all permission types.

Show implicit no access If a user has no access to the top level Shared Team Folder then the report can include or exclude output showing that they also have access to subfolders that inherit their permissions from the parent folder. To include this output set “Show implicit no access” to yet; to exclude it, set “Show implicit no access”.

Setting “Show implicit no access” to 'No' can make the report shorter and easier to read.

Running the Report

To run the report, click on the “Search” button which is under the filters.

Resetting the Filters

Filters can be reset by pressing the “Reset filters” button at the bottom right of the Filters panel.

Expanding A Folder

Any row in the report results on the right side of the page can be expanded by clicking on the right arrow next to the row.

From the expanded view a new browser page showing the folder in the file Manager can be opened by clicking on the open-new-window icon and the path to the folder represented by the row can be copied to the clipboard by clicking on the copy icon.

Exporting a Report

After the report has been run the results can be exported by clicking on the “Export” button and selecting “CSV” (the only choice) from the dropdown menu.