Server Sizing Guide

Deployment Architecture

The solution can be deployed as a single virtual machine or node. We recommend a single node for smaller environments.

To support larger environments and high availability the solution can be both scaled up and scaled out. Additional nodes can be added (with one node just providing database services), and larger nodes can be deployed.


Recommended sizing when deploying as a single node.

Baseline Sizing for Users and Files

Type Users Files Memory vCPU Disk OS Disk DB Notes
Small 500 1,000,000 6 GB 6 60 GB 60 GB Minimum
Medium 2,500 10,000,000 8 GB 8 100 GB 100 GB Recommended for Evaluation
Large 5,000 50,000,000 16 GB 16 200 GB 200 GB


If you are using M-Stream add an additional 4 vCPUs.

Apache Solr

If you have enabled content search we recommend you run Apache Solr on a separate instance. Solr can also be deployed across a cluster for higher performance and availabilty.

Apache Solr is a search engine that provides fast metadata and content searching. When you have enabled deep content searching the Solr index will need more disk space, and the indexing may impact other services, especially during ingest.

Web Client & Protocol Gateways

Increase the number of CPUs allocated when you have many web-based users or have many automated clients using the gateway protocols (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and WebDAV).

Other Resources

Please download and review the comprehensive sizing document to assist in scoping out enterprise deployment sizing.