Support Options

This entry outlines the support options for accounts.

For those with free accounts support options are:

The Storage Made Easy Forums
The Wiki
Storage Made Easy FAQ

For those users with Cloud File Server Accounts either on a SaaS or Appliance hosted basis, as well as the free support options outlined, support is provided via email to Support AT Storage Made Easy DOT Com or directly from the support portal.

Standard support is from 10 am to 4 PM Monday to Friday exempting public holidays as advertised in advance on the support system.

The support team may request a Skype or other form of web sharing session if necessary to resolve a case.

To log a case the email should contain:

- The Storage Made Easy username or company name
- Details of the Storage Made Easy Access client being used with version number
- Detailed description of issue (steps taken)
- Any supporting screenshots

Custom support options for SaaS can be quoted for on request.

For Enterprise Appliance support definitions please see here.

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