Storage Made Easy Linux Tools Release Notes

Release notes for Linux Cloud Tools.

  • TLS 1.1 and 1.2 are now supported.
  • The descriptions of the DEB and RPM packages have been updated.
  • Disables access to SME Endpoints when accessed over HTTP.
  • A link to SME's Privacy Policy is now included in the About window.
  • A 1 second pause has been added between retries for failed downloads to compensate for unstable network connections.
  • The version number of the installed Linux tools is now shown in the title of the main Window.
  • When uploading a file to SME, the tools will now always include the file size when communicating with the SME API.
  • MIME types of files were being incorrectly detected in the SME Explorer and SME Sync Center. This has been resolved.
  • Resolves an issue where after configuring a Scheduled Sync, the Sync Center properties would show the Scheduled Sync as disabled. This has been resolved.
  • Qt has been upgraded from v4 to v5.