Windows Tablet

1 Home Screen

After login the home screen of the file explorer shows the different options available within the SME App.

2 Managing Cloud Providers

Cloud Provider can be added/removed or resync'd from the Cloud Providers screen.

3 Cloud Files

Each Cloud File has a variety of actions associated with it:

- Download
- Share LInk
- Copy to Cloud Clipboard
- Share with Group
- Remove
- Delete (to Recycle Bin)
- Paste from Cloud Clipboard (copy)
- Move from Cloud Clipboard

Additionally, new folder or file uploads can be actioned from the Cloud Files view

To access a file simply click on it and it will open in the default associated App or prompt for download.

4 Favorites

Cloud Favorites is a means to access frequently accessible files.

5 Cloud Tags

A tag is a label attached to a file that can be used identification. Many files can have similar tags applied, even from different clouds, and the tagged view groups these files by tag.

6 Cloud Clipboard

The Cloud Clipboard is a way to store links to files from different clouds in your account. The Clipboard is an enabler for:

- Copying or moving these files to a different location or storage provider

- Sharing such files with a business group

7 Secure Cloud Files

Cloud Secured files are files that have been encrypted on upload. To access these files are key or phrase is needed before the file can be downloaded

8 Cloud Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is the view where files are placed when files are deleted. They are not removed from the underlying cloud until you remove them from this view.

As well as being removed, files can also be restored to the original location.

9 Organization Folders

For SME Cloud File Server Team users then Organization folders can be used between several different users to manage shared team files on different remote clouds. See here for further information on shared folders.

10 Business Group WorkSpace

A Business Group WorkSpace can be used to share files with colleagues or friends if you are an individual user or where team users can share files with other companies or people who are not a member of their Cloud File Server Team account.

For further details on Business Groups WorkSpaces please see here.

11 Cloud Tasks

Storage Made Easy has a platform test engine that performs various tasks or actions on an account. This can be related resyncing Cloud Storage meta-data or uploading a remote file by URL for example.

The Cloud Tasks view lets you review such actions and also restart them if you wish.

A search across all cloud files in an account can be performed by bringing up the charm bar when in the App.

13 Settings

Settings for the App can be accessed by bringing up the charm bar when in the App and choosing settings.

14 Pin Folders to Start

Folders from different clouds can be pinned to the Windows 8 Start Screen by selecting the folder and choosing “pin to start”.

15 Adding a mapped drive

Windows RT Surface is a great tablet but the non-pro edition is pretty locked down and getting access to files from the integrated Apps can be an issue.

A SME accounts comes with what we refer to as CloudDav and provides WebDav access to any of the Cloud Storage Accounts that you have mapped to an Account.

Enabling WebDav on the Windows Surface Tablet can be done simply with a batch file in the following format:

NET USE * \\\DavWWWRoot

(or NET USE * \\\DavWWWRoot for the SME EU Server)

Once this is done you have a fully functional cloud drive on your Surface Tablet to get to all your public / private cloud files !

16 SME Windows App V Windows Tablet App

The full SME Windows Application suite also works on Windows 8 and is fully windows 8 compliant. The full windows version of the SME tools adds:

- Integration into Microsoft Outlook

- Sophisticated sync tools

- Integration into Microsoft Office and Open Office

- Native Cloud network drive