Windows Cloud Drive Previews

The Windows Cloud Drive provides a review on remote file data. It provides access to the Enterprise File Fabric File System and thereby the storage that is mapped to it, irrespective of whether that is file, block or object.

The aim is to ensure that none of the files are downloaded to the local Windows machine unless the user takes an explicit action to download or view a file.

When the Drive is installed file previews are turned off so that the OS does not force files to download, which occurs when a preview is required.

What happens if you do want to preview a file ? Well, you can double click and pick a file association for that file to open with or choose the default association and the file will open in that App or viewer.

If you have a previewer app installed then these should work fine. Preview Apps that we have worked with include Seer and File Viewer Plus. These can be configured to work with various short cut keys to preview the file, which triggers the file to be downloaded in the Cloud Drive.