Windows Desktop Tools Comparison

Last edited Dec. 5, 2018

Cloud Drive - a remote view on Cloud Storage. Acts like a remote drive and is not a sync App. Upload and download is request / response. If there are errors it will retry three times and then show an error and give up and eventually the data will be removed from the drive cache.

Cloud Explorer - A dedicated App. Again this is a request / response type application. You make an upload or download request and the App will try to fulfil it. If there is an error it will retry a certain number of times and stop and show an error.

Cloud Sync App - Primarily to be used for on-demand access to files on desktop and on-cloud. It there are files placed in the sync folders it will try and sync them but if there are network errors it will retry and it will give up but then during the next sync any files that were not synchronised previously will be tried again.

All of the Cloud based Apps are predicated on a solid network connection. In the event that there is not a solid network connection then errors may occur. As described above, dependent where the error occurs in the process, the Apps will try and recover gracefully and retry but continued failures will cause them to stop trying.