Adding Evernote Cloud Provider

Last updated on April 24, 2019.

Available with editions:

  • Free
  • Personal Cloud
  • Business Cloud
  • On Site

1 Adding from Dashboard

Navigate to the SME Cloud Dashboard and choose to add a new Cloud and choose the Evernote Cloud

2 Authorize SME

Authorise SME to interact with the Evernote account.

3 Sync meta data

Once authorization is done SME will start to index files from the Evernote Account. The sync will show the status as to when completed.

4 Sync report

A report is provided that shows the status of each individual item sync’d

5 Evernote files in File Manager

Once done the Evernote files can be managed using the SME Cloud File Manager

Users can use Evernote with SME from the SME web, desktop and mobile clients that SME supports.

7 Note!

Note that Evernote may impose rate limits against the use of their API. This can result in not all of your data being indexed if your account is large. Where this is the case this will be clearly shown in the sync log and you should, later, run the sync again where files missed will then be added.

This page: File Fabric Handling of Rate-Limiting Storage Providers explains how the File Fabric responds to rate limiting.

Using SME with Evernote Restrictions:

  • Files can be uploaded only to the Note.
  • It is not possible to remove Notebooks.
  • It is not possible to create folder in the Note.
  • When files are uploaded to the Note or removed from the Note then the file ‘index.html’ will be changed.
  • Evernote does not support two files with the same content in the same Note.