Adding the Google Docs Storage Provider

Storage Made Easy is able to let your Google docs account be used as a storage cloud from the Storage Made Easy Open Cloud Platform.

The first step is to choose to add Google Docs to your Storage Made Easy Account either   as a first step on activation or later from My Dashboard

Applications that need to exchange information with Google services protected by a user's Google or Google Apps (hosted) account can use a programmatic method for getting authorised access. You need to authorise Storage Made Easy to access your Google Docs account. To do this you need to enter your account username and password. Storage Made Easy uses this information to ask for access to your Google Docs account.

You can revoke access at any time by going to Google settings from the web and clicking on the “Authorize applications and sites” link under the security section. You will then be taken to a page which will list the services that have access to your Google Docs Account. Here you will Storage Made Easy. If you every wish to revoke access you can do it from here. Please note that once you do this you will not be able to interact with your Google Docs account from Storage Made Easy.

Once access have been verified using the Google programmatic API's you will receive a message notifying you that access has been granted. You can then click on “Sync” to go the next step in the wizard.

You can choose to sync in the background or just to start synchronisation. The differences of each are:

1. Foreground - this uses the browser to do the meta-sync and if the browser hangs or you exit it will stop. If you have a small amount of flies (under a few thousand) then this is fairly quick
2. BackGround - this is run as a scheduled Cloud task and occurs within a minute. You will be taken to a page where again you can monitor progress but if you exit it will continue.

Once the sync has completed you will be able to work with your files with the file managers or other clients.

The Google Docs Provider has a few special options within it's settings page (accessible from MyDashBoard→Settings)

Convert files: This determines how files will be treated when you upload them to Google Docs. If Convert is 'off' then office files will not be converted to Google Docs internal format so you can edit them. They will just remain as a file. The default is “off” as Google Docs does not support all formatting so if you have a lot of advanced formatting in your document some of it could be stripped out if convert is “on”. This is your choice.

Uploading with API: This should invariably be always set to “on”. If it is set to “off” then emulation is used rather than the Google API. This was the older method we used to interact with Google Docs prior to there being an API.

Flush cache: If you click this setting, each folder you browser will be loaded in real-time from Google Docs when you next browse files. It will be slower but all data will be up to date. By default each folders cache expires after 24 hours.

Synchronise options:   You can resync the meta-data at any time by clicking either of these options

Remove Provider: If you choose to remove the provider you first must make sure it is not your default provider (you can change this from the 'My Dashboard' screen). Once it is not you can choose to remove the provider which removes Google Docs from your account which basically removes any meta data at all.

Note that Storage Made Easy currently does not support two-factor authentication, SAML or OpenID. If you use any of these with your account then you will be able to sync data but not upload. We are currently working with Googles new OAuth2 API that will remove this restriction.

Please be sure to check our Google FAQ for more information on the Google Provider.