Adding a Google Sites Cloud Provider

Storage Made Easy works with the classic Google Sites Cloud service by simply adding Google Sites as a Cloud Provider.

The first step is to choose to add the Google Sites provider to your SME Account either as a first step on activation or later from the Cloud Dashboard which is accessible from the right sidebar after login to the website.

Once you have chosen to add a Google Sites Provider,   the 'add provider' wizard will commence. You will need to enter the details of the Google Sites server and then authenticate using the OAuth authentication mechanism that Google uses for account access.

The next step will be to choose the sites to use. Just check the sites you wish to use with your SME Account.

Once you have authenticated you can choose to synchronise the Google Sites information. This does not move or copy any files. It merely synchronises the information about the files.

Once the sync has started it will be process even if you leave the DashBoard. You can check Cloud Tasks   to check whether it has completed. Once it has you can access your files from the File Manager.

Your files are accessible from the file manager once the sync has completed.

You can use the CloudDav (provides WebDav access) and CloudFTP (provides FTP Access) protocol adaptors to access your account as well as the other Cloud Tools that SME provider.

Note: The Google Sites root directory is ready only as Google only makes this directory available read only. Also note that folders in root cannot be renamed.

Note: The maximum files size of files that can be transferred to Google Sites is 10MB.

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