IBM Cloud Object Storage

Storage Made Easy software has been certified by IBM (in their labs) for:

  • Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric
  • Storage Made Easy S3 Drive
  • Storage Made Easy S3 Explorer

The following IBM software was used:

  • IBM Cloud Object Storage – On Premise
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage – US South
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage – US Region

For the Enterprise File Fabric use the “IBM Cloud Object Storage” provider for on-premise and public cloud. All functionality is supported.

The IBM vault with readonly retention policies is also supported as a backup provider.

See also the SME Enterprise File Fabric for IBM COS.

For the standalone applications use the S3 Drive and S3 Explorer.

See also the S3 Drive and S3 Explorer Guide for IBM COS.

For white papers, solution sheets, a video and other information see

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