Adding the Jive Cloud Provider

This entry details how Storage Made Easy can be setup for a Jive account be used from the Storage Made Easy Cloud Solution.

The first step is to choose to add Jive to your Storage Made Easy Account either as a first step on activation or later from  My DashBoard  which is accessible from the Menu on the top right hand side, after login to the website.

You need to authorise Storage Made Easy to access your Jive account. To do this you need to enter your account username, password and Jive host. Storage Made Easy uses this information to ask for access to your Jive account on demand. All authentication data is stored encrypted, with the encryption key being stored in a separate key server for security.

Once SME is authorised to access Jive the Cloud Meta Sync is performed.  

After sync is completed you will be able to work with your files in the web file managers, desktop tools or mobile clients.

If Jive is not available for use in your list of providers please contact Support.  

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