Mac Cloud Edit Auto Update

Mac CloudEdit has an auto update feature that allows a system administrator with access to the File Fabric VM to control when updates will become available. Every time that CloudEdit application is launched (e.g. on opening first document) it checks to see if an update is available. It checks by making an http request to a file at the root of the webserver called “cloudeditmacversion.txt”.

For example if CloudEdit is being used with the request is for “” For a customer it might be “” It uses the base domain of whatever the CloudEdit URL comes from It will use whatever protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) the CloudEdit URL uses.

The file should contain two lines: First line: the new version number e.g. “1.7”. Second line: The URL to download the zip package of the new version.

If CloudEdit detects that a new version is available, then it:

  • Kills the current
  • Downloads the zip
  • Instructs the users to extract the zip (this may be done by Safari by default but maybe not other browsers) and run the application.

When the application is opened, it copies itself to the USERS (/Users/<username>/Applications/) application directory, not the System Application (/Applications/) directory. It will replace any existing in that directory.