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 +#Mac Cloud Edit Auto Update
 +Mac CloudEdit has an auto update feature that allows a system administrator with access to the File Fabric VM to control when updates will become available.
 +Every time that CloudEdit application is launched (e.g. on opening first document) it checks to see if an update is available.
 +It checks by making an http request to a file at the root of the webserver called "​cloudedit_mac_version.txt"​.
 +For example if CloudEdit is being used with StorageMadeEasy.com the request is for  "​https://​storagemadeeasy.com/​cloudedit_mac_version.txt"​
 +For a customer it might be "​https://​sme.example.com/​cloudedit_mac_version.txt"​
 +It uses the base domain of whatever the CloudEdit URL comes from
 +It will use whatever protocol (HTTP/​HTTPS) the CloudEdit URL uses.
 +The file should contain two lines:
 +First line: the new version number e.g. "​1.7"​.
 +Second line: The URL to download the zip package of the new version. ​
 +If CloudEdit detects that a new version is available, then it:
 +  * Kills the current CloudEdit.app
 +  * Downloads the zip 
 +  * Instructs the users to extract the zip (this may be done by Safari by default but maybe not other browsers) and run the application.
 +When the CloudEdit.app application is opened, it copies itself to the USERS (/​Users/<​username>/​Applications/​) application directory, not the System Application (/​Applications/​) directory. It will replace any existing CloudEdit.app in that directory. ​