Nasuni Access Anywhere 2301.2 Release Notes

Document last updated: 10 October 2023

For new deployments see Getting Started: Nasuni Access Anywhere Server On-Premises.

For upgrades see Nasuni Access Anywhere 2301.2 Upgrade Guide.

Nasuni Access Anywhere 2301.2.2

Released Oct 9, 2023

Resolved Issues

  • SME-7963 + SME-7999: Hotfix to remove API rate limiting that affects reliability of client apps that connect through internet gateways or load balancers.

Nasuni Access Anywhere 2301.2.1

Released Sep 18, 2023

Resolved Issues

  • SME-7843: Addresses CVEs discovered during an automated vulnerability scan. These CVEs are not exploitable. There is no need for an upgrade.

Nasuni Access Anywhere 2301.2

Released July 26, 2023

Collaborative Locking - For Microsoft Office files, when a file is opened in online collaborative mode that file will now be locked for access from methods other than online collaborative mode.

Share For Edit - Adjusted this feature for Microsoft Office files to now, by default, have the linked file open in online collaborative edit mode to match the behavior in Collaborative Locking.

  • SME-6619: Org members can now create tags. Previously they were prevented from doing so even if the UI was set appropriately.
  • SME-6964: Cloud Refresh folder lock no longer disappears if there are other folders to refresh.
  • SME-7268: Fixed generated names of mounted folders in the Nasuni provider.
  • SME-7320: Improved the speed of the SQL query that gets provider re-sync tasks.
  • SME-7329: updateFileMetadata with classification only (without tags) call now adds to Solr indexing.
  • SME-7334: JPEG metadata is now indexed in the same way as JPG files.
  • SME-7350: Corrected several French translation errors.
  • SME-7370: MS Teams on Mobile now automatically opens the right folders.
  • SME-7371: Duplicated Folder created in metadata.
  • SME-7374: Deep Cloud Refresh no longer prevents other actions that should be allowed.
  • SME-7378: Lock icon no longer disappears from the File Manager when a second file is locked.
  • SME-7387: Fixed M-Stream upload option to return type values.
  • SME-7395: Fixed broken CSS customizations on auth screens.
  • SME-7402: Removed duplicated records in us_providerinfoextra.
  • SME-7419: The Redis container now supports overriding the listen IP using a .env file.
  • SME-7422: Classification values containing spaces can now be effectively searched using advanced conditions.
  • SME-7431: Office Previews Thumbnails now appear when default storage is not writable and Preview path is configured.
  • SME-7432: MSOffice files which have the extensions in uppercase and are discovered on sync can now be previewed. Previously these were not viewable and displayed an error message 'No endpoint for this type of a file'.
  • SME-7433: resolved JavaScript errors if you try to copy/move folders when the filter search is active in a large folder (100+ items).
  • SME-7449: Provider re-sync no longer failing with error NTSTATUSSHARING_VIOLATIONS.
  • SME-7516: Updates SMBClient to version 4.17

Access Anywhere Server 2301.1.5

Released May 24, 2023

Resolved Issues

  • SME-7435: Browsing a deep subfolder within a large shared folder (by URL) can take several minutes the first time it's accessed and sometimes times out. This affects the Teams shared folders as well.

Access Anywhere Server 2301.1.4

Released April 21, 2023

Resolved Issues

  • SME-7390: GetFile no longer returns additional content for files with .url and .html extensions. This was impacting Windows Cloud Sync downloads.

Access Anywhere Server 2301.1.3

Released April 7, 2023

Resolved Issues

  • SME-7354: SAML based authentication systems with SCIM enabled would be prevented from saving the Auth System Settings. This is resolved.

Access Anywhere Server 2301.1.2

Released March 30, 2023

Resolved Issues

  • SME-7295: In some cases metadata could be removed if the storage provider returned rate limiting errors. This was more likely to occur during when multiple providers were syncing.
  • SME-7336: In some cases SMB providers using LDAP authentication disappear from the file manager.

Access Anywhere Server 2301.1

Released March 21, 2023

New Features and Updates

New Name

  • SME-6707: The product has been renamed “Nasuni Access Anywhere”.

License Activation

  • SME-6898: License keys are now downloaded automatically, replacing the need to manage license files. Sites must be activated or registered using a Serial Number and Authentication Code.

Enhanced Collaboration

  • SME-6588: A new Shared with Me folder allows users to see files and folders that were shared with them.

  • SME-6426: A click-through agreement can be created for shared files. Agreements and disclaimers are configured by the appliance administrator.
  • SME-6369: Made easier to enter sharing recipients in sharing dialog.
  • SME-6383: Open preview window on drop folders automatically.
  • SME-6323: Multi-user editing (through Microsoft collaborative editing) is now supported for shared folders and Microsoft Teams).
  • SME-6786: Organizations no longer need to configure Default Storage. This means appliance default storage no longer needs to be configured for external users.
  • SME-6990: Users are not required to respond to sharing policy questions when sharing with internal users.
  • SME-7071: “Share for edit” now uses Microsoft Office and allows editing by external users.
  • SME-7085: Files existing in personal spaces can now be collaboratively edited with MS Office Online.
  • SME-5979: Users sharing folders via shared links can now prevent downloads:

  • SME-6866: Solr indexing is now available for filename and metadata searching without requiring a license for content search.
  • SME-6911: Solr search default criteria changed from “Wildcards” to “Whole word” improving performance for default searches.
  • SME-6660: Solr is now used for filename specific searches improving performance significantly.
  • SME-7024: Database searches are time-limited to 30 seconds.
  • SME-7082: Appliances can be configured with an 'allow list' of file types for content search indexing.
  • SME-6482: Content search Indexing performance has been improved to handle files at a faster and more consistent rate.

More Thumbnails

  • SME-6640: In addition to images thumbnails can now be generated for documents and video.


  • SME-6971: Multiple SAML login buttons are collapsed into a dropdown improving the login experience. Set the collapse threshold and name from Appliance Administrator under Site Functionality > Login Screen.
  • SME-6108: Improvements have been made to the Web File Manager's opening folder state to restore the user's last position.
  • SME-5688: Multiple items can be tagged in a single operation enabling easier bulk uploads of files and folders. See Data Classification and Tags: Uploading Multiple Files and Folders.
  • SME-6383: The preview window will now open automatically on the Dropfolder screen.
  • SME-6401: Most recent messages (menu bar pulldown) are now shown first.
  • SME-6435: User experience improvements have been made to folder archiving from the web app.
  • SME-6960: The web UI now has a compact mode that can be enabled.
  • SME-6147: Better handling of searching on the policy screen.
  • SME-6151: The reliability of using the “Open containing folder” from Search results has been improved.
  • SME-6519: The consistency of task numbers on the Background Tasks screen has been improved.
  • SME-6666: Improved audit logs when downloading a file from the web.
  • SME-6804: Behavior of previewing files has been improved in the Team app.
  • SME-5881: Improvements to the processing of cancelled M-Stream uploads have been made.
  • SME-6177: Consistency on the Quick Sharing feature name.
  • SME-6404: Updated alerts for ApplAdmin when org member is removed.
  • SME-6503: Improved handling of Roles screen when items per page is changed.
  • SME-6282: Improved error reporting condition when login fails in certain circumstances.
  • SME-6932: UX of pending search results has been improved.

User Interface Changes

  • SME-6011: References to sharing password “entropy” have been changed to “complexity”.
  • SME-6013: Text improvements to the Org Admin App Integrations screen.
  • SME-6028: Clearer audit logging when shared links are generated.
  • SME-6031: Improvements to Content Discovery notifications.
  • SME-6032: Minor corrections to the Audit Watch notifications.
  • SME-6082: Small improvements to the SMTP configuration screen have been made.
  • SME-6133: Corrections to the Shared Link Tooltip have been made.
  • SME-6147: UI improvements to the API test harness.
  • SME-6162: Improvements to the password strength meter.
  • SME-6396: Improved help text for configuring Solr.
  • SME-6402: Text improvements on the Backup Provider screen.
  • SME-6463: Various Business Groups improvements.
  • SME-6470: The “Index files” page has been renamed “Content Indexing Queue”.
  • SME-6485, SME-6509, SNE-6419, SME-6453: Various small UI improvements.
  • SME-5993: UI improvements to the SAML configuration screen.
  • SME-6375: Updated hints for the AutoCAD Previewer
  • SME-6401: Internal Messages are now sorted with most recent displaying first.
  • SME-6331: Page title on the API Test harness has been updated.
  • SME-6314: Add Resync Task dialog now shows provider name.


  • SME-5922: GeoIP records will now be frequently updated.
  • SME-6096: ClamAV functionality now better reports file size limitations.
  • SME-6424: Site Settings and User Package pages are now organized with tabs with searchable settings.

Other Features

  • SME-6329: Performance improvements to loading SMB Multi-User folders. This can be disabled with var $smballowlisteningdirswith_showacls='0';
  • SME-6809: The SAML Issuer ID can now be overridden.
  • SME-5974: The Forever File functionality can now work with Object Lock enabled S3 buckets.
  • SME-7086: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish translations are now available. (Automated translations).
  • SME-6602: WebStream now accesses video files through Nasuni storage directly.
  • SME-6622: PHP Runtime has been upgraded to version 8.
  • SME-6043: Handling of users shared links after account deletion has been improved.
  • SME-6692: Improvements to encryption in the online Text Editor.
  • SME-5987: The handling of large folder rename operations has been improved.
  • SME-6328: Improved handling of the Copy to Clipboard functionality.
  • SME-6339: Better detection of browser plugins that interrupt video playback.
  • SME-6369: Improvements to the Who Can Access field on the Shared Link screen.
  • SME-6790: The Google Vision Speech transcription service has been updated.
  • SME-6706: Improvements to SMB locking of LibreOffice files.


  • SME-6834: Moving buckets / containers to trash is no longer permitted.
  • SME-6865: References to “SMBStream” have been renamed “Edge Extend”.
  • SME-5194: Improvements to the file local time when files are replaced.
  • SME-5775: Internals of the Backup Provider functionality have been improved.
  • SME-5862: Can no longer add invalid folders to exclusion feature of Trash.
  • SME-5960: The FTP connector's connection timeout has been lowered.
  • SME-6066: The user agent Access Anywhere uses when connecting to Amazon S3 has changed.
  • SME-6068: API consumers will now be informed when a user has been deleted or deactivated.
  • SME-6274: The size of generated GraphicsMagic temporary files is now limited.
  • SME-6288: Upgrades to the tooling used to generate Excel files have been made.
  • SME-6345: Better handling of Amazon S3 HTTP 500 errors.
  • SME-6377: Improved handling for Google Drive API pagination.
  • SME-6390: Improved Audit Log details for folders added to the root.
  • SME-6417: Shared links created by the org admin will now be visible to delegated admins.
  • SME-6541: Improvements to the S3 connector.
  • SME-6608: Backblaze provider now uses MPU.
  • SME-6568: Non M-Stream file transfers progress reporting will now steadily report progress.
  • SME-6579: It is now possible to download files with a .url extension via a shared link.
  • SME-6614: Improved consistency on the audit log messages when changing a folder's default permissions.
  • SME-6634: Improved error reporting when importing files from CSV.
  • SME-6656: Improved handling of log rotation on the CIFS Locker container.
  • SME-6672: CloudSFTP and CloudFTP services now use Python version 3.
  • SME-6788: The Organization's Standard Folders (namely My Quick Uploads and more) are now hidden by default for new organizations.
  • SME-6858: Sidecar media files can be discovered by Search and users can locate them more easily.
  • SME-6817: Improved handling of lock expiration.
  • SME-5995: SMB providers now use higher SMB versions by default.
  • SME-6859: Reduces false positivity rate of the Number Plate recognition Content Discovery rule.
  • SME-6708: Improvements to the handling of SMB Mounts as part of our SMB Connector.
  • SME-6575: Performance optimizations for WebStream when working with MXF files.
  • SME-6542: Reported from the Backup provider will no longer display as separate reports.
  • SME-7024: Improvement internal management of long running search queries to prevent impact to the rest of the system.

End of Life Features and Recently Unsupported Items

These features are no longer available:

  • SME-6484: Backup user Skype history / removal of flash-based feature integration.
  • SME-6844: Removed deprecated MS Office CloudDav support.
  • Zoho Editor is no longer supported and will be removed in a future release.

These features have been deprecated and are to be removed in a future release:

  • SME-6883: Email backup and My Syncs
  • SME-6843: Hashicorp Vault
  • SME-6842: Public files and RSS Feed
  • SME-6841: Skype Backup History
  • SME-6840: Integration
  • SME-6839: Twitter Integration

These storage providers have been deprecated and are to be removed in future release:

  • ActiveScale
  • Alfresco On-Premises
  • Amazon Drive
  • Amazon S3 GovCloud US FIPS
  • Amazon S3 GovCloud US Non-FIPS
  • Basecamp
  • BlueMix Object Storage
  • Caringo Swarm
  • Ceph
  • CloudMe
  • CMIS
  • Dell EMC ECS Atmos
  • Dell EMC ECS S3
  • Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
  • Egnyte
  • Evernote
  • FilesAnywhere
  • Glasscubes
  • Google sites
  • HPHelion
  • HPSS
  • Huddle
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • IBM Connection Files
  • iCloud
  • iCloud Drive
  • Igneous
  • iKeepinCloud
  • Jive
  • Leonovus
  • Memset
  • Memstore
  • Mezeo
  • Mirantis
  • Office 365 (old accounts)
  • OneDrive (SkyDrive)
  • OneDrive for Business (old)
  • OpenStack
  • PogoPlug
  • RackSpace CloudFiles
  • SafeSync
  • Salesforce
  • Scality
  • Sharepoint 2010
  • SoftLayer
  • SugarSync
  • SwiftStack
  • ThinkOn
  • Zimbra

Resolved Issues

  • SME-7243: Resolved an error seen re-adding a Nasuni provider “Nasuni provider access error” with changes to SELinux policies to reduce false positives.
  • SME-7192: Thumbnails were being incorrectly scanned for PII data.
  • SME-7182: Enabling the Credit Card PII Detector could cause other detectors to fail.
  • SME-7179: In some circumstances deleting a folder left visible .trash folders.
  • SME-7163: LDAP groups with trailing backslashes and other special symbols no longer return errors on provider sync.
  • SME-7153: Error handling for background tasks running with the Nasuni provider has been improved.
  • SME-7146: An incorrect number of items was sometimes returned by the getFolderContents API.
  • SME-7135: SAML login problems with MS Office Mobile apps (iOS and Android) have been resolved.
  • SME-7133: S3 Objects with trailing spaces can now be renamed through the File Manager.
  • SME-6708: Improves handling for when a user is added to or removed from a group.
  • SME-6173: In some circumstances, FileBox settings could not always be saved.
  • SME-6527: In some circumstances, a JavaScript error could be observed when the Tasks tab is disabled and a task is created like a Folder Move.
  • SME-6864: In some circumstances a JavaScript error could be observed when previewing HTM files.
  • SME-5982: In some circumstances, a JavaScript error could be observed when sharing files via Slack.
  • SME-6034: API - CheckPathExists now correctly covers some scenarios involving delegated Admins.
  • SME-6038: In some circumstances, the permissions could not be edited on the Shared Team Folders screen if the provider had been removed.
  • SME-6047: SCIM Token uniqueness is now enforced.
  • SME-6077: In some cases, accounts reactivated by ApplAdmin would not reset the failed login counter.
  • SME-6084: Corrections to usage reporting in the Dropbox provider in certain circumstances.
  • SME-6103: In some circumstances, a large volume of versions could trigger a system error when new versions are added.
  • SME-6121: The Pause button is no longer shown when a single stream upload is being performed.
  • SME-6129: In some circumstances, the folder autorefresh interval is not always honored.
  • SME-6143: API - GetFulFileInfo now correctly handles Business Group queries.
  • SME-6157: The hidden clouds option now handles Private Cloud appropriately.
  • SME-6182: Removed the chances of duplicated tasks when a S3 bucket no longer exists and is removed by a Cloud Refresh.
  • SME-6202: In some circumstances, the Content Discovery screen may report there are no categories when there may be some.
  • SME-6222: The flag to remove folder metadata duplications now correctly handles additional edge cases.
  • SME-6228: In some circumstances, the total number of files is not updated if the provider does not contain any subfolders.
  • SME-6229: Recovering a folder is no longer prevented by locked files.
  • SME-6261: In some circumstances, the Web File Manager tree can become too faint when a deep cloud sync is performed.
  • SME-6319: In some circumstances the Allow Sharing within Slack option was shown when it was not enabled in the Site Functionality.
  • SME-6330: In some circumstances, the Comments icon was incorrectly visible.
  • SME-6368: In some circumstances the Shared Links screen indicated that a link had been emailed when it had not. This is resolved.
  • SME-6380: In some circumstances, File Approval could interfere with Share For Edit. This is resolved.
  • SME-6418: In some circumstances, the Sharing button is disabled if other settings are not enabled. This is enabled.
  • SME-6462: In some circumstances, a file viewed in a business group could return a “File not found” error.
  • SME-6494: RClone could corrupt a file when copied without an extension.
  • SME-6521: Read Only users can no longer make Annotations on Files.
  • SME-6613: In some circumstances, the Shared Team folder Permissions are logged twice.
  • SME-6641: Dot files will now be removed when object storage folders are deleted.
  • SME-6650: The Path Selector on the Org Policies can now be used to select folders.
  • SME-6661: When replacement English translations are provided, only one English pack will be displayed.
  • SME-6668: Resolves incorrect filename when file is downloaded from web and scanned using ClamAV.
  • SME-6702: In some circumstances, the progress indicator would be shown on the Tags tab in the Web FM.
  • SME-6749: In some cases, the Shared Links screen reports an incorrect count of results.
  • SME-6795: In some circumstances, the SMTP configuration screen would report an error despite sending the test email.
  • SME-6799: A files size was not always updated in metadata if the remote file size had changed.
  • SME-6801: Correction to the displaying of total users on the Users screen.
  • SME-6597: Folder activity reports no longer contain Thumbnail file reports.
  • SME-7007: Resolved handling of copy and move operations when versions are configured to be stored alongside the originals.
  • SME-6830: Shared Team Folders which had a permission assigned to a role which no longer exists, will no longer show “Undefined” as the role title.
  • SME-6520: Tags can no longer be applied to read-only files.
  • SME-7025: The remote file time is now preserved after a move operation.
  • SME-7023: The background task status for a M-Stream Copy task now reports correct status.
  • SME-6988: In some circumstances, Content Intelligence could not upload files to Google Storage.
  • SME-6987: In some circumstances, the Nasuni connector would incorrectly mark a folder as list only.
  • SME-6891: In some circumstances, the CIFS Locker service could not connect to a SMB Server.
  • SME-7056: Users without default clouds can now edit files shared using an edit link.
  • SME-7048: In some circumstances, the Content Discovery markers would be left on files that failed to be scanned.
  • SME-6922: Stability improvements to the WebDav provider when performing copy operations.
  • SME-6868: Resolves issue when SAML and LDAP usernames are differing with the Nasuni connector.
  • SME-7050: In some circumstances the preview of certain PNG files would not render correctly.
  • SME-7043: In some circumstances, certain PDFs would not render correctly in the PDF Viewer.
  • SME-6860: Sidecar files were not always visible in Search results.
  • SME-7102: LDAP groups containing + characters can now be correctly handled.
  • SME-6043: Handling of users shared links after account deletion has been improved.
  • SME-6540: API improvements to the APIs around adding comments.
  • SME-6307: SMB Locks are now removed for the Nasuni Provider when the user is removed.
  • SME-6873: Improved handling on folder renames when a folder has already been renamed on the storage.
  • SME-6979: The login screen for desktop tools can now show a longer list of SAML buttons.
  • SME-7035: In some circumstances, the last backup date is not updated for a backup provider.
  • SME-7029: In some specific circumstances, files could not be uploaded to the FS provider depending on the credentials being used. This has been resolved.

Known Issues

  • SME-7336: Providers disappear after upgrading to 2301.1 (with LDAP)
  • Zoho Editor is no longer supported and will be removed in a future release.
  • SME-7194: Downloads of text files may display in the browser if a download is attempted when using an S3-compatible cloud with Direct Downloads activated.
  • SME-7178: The “Search Toolbar in FM” is not hidden for Org Member.
  • SME-7171: Cloud Refresh Reports may have an incorrect title.
  • SME-7162: CIFS Locking service may fail to connect when an FQDN is used.
  • SME-7138: It may not always be possible to set a custom home page message.
  • SME-7137: The maximum deletion delay possible for a user deletion is set to 7 days, even if 14 days is selected.