Cloud Edit

Cloud Edit is a feature that allows end users to edit or files opened through the File Fabric web interface directly on the desktop (Windows or Mac). This works independently of the back-end storage.

See also CloudEdit Branding.

Cloud Edit is supported for the current and prior MacOS releases The latest version is Cloud Edit 2.0 supporting High Sierra (10.13) and Mojave (10.14).

CloudEdit may be downloaded on demand through the File Manager . CloudEdit is also included within the Mac Apps.

From the point of download, the Cloud Edit app:

  • Opens the downloaded file in the associated application.
  • Stores the downloaded file name in an internal list.
  • Checks every 3 seconds whether the downloaded file has been changed since it was last checked. If it has, it is automatically uploaded.

Cloud Edit is enabled and available by default for free, personal and business SaaS Accounts. It is also included when deploying the SME Enterprise Edition.

For team users ensure that Cloud Edit is enabled for the Organization. This can be done by logging in as the Org Admin, then go to Organization>Options>User Interface and tick the check box for CloudEdit.

Supported browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Firefox (last two versions)
  • Chrome (last two versions)
  • Safari (last two versions)

It may work in other browsers but we only certify against those listed.

If there is an issue with Cloud Edit launching you should check the following:

Anti Virus could be blocking Cloud Edit (and be aware with Anti Virus sometimes there are AV browser plugins that block).

  • Browser settings (are there browse security restrictions in place. Try and disable all plugins and retry to validate there are no plugins interfering )
  • SmartScreen check. Is windows 10 SmartScreen blocking use.
  • Firewall check. Is A firewall blocking outbound internet access.
  • Proxy check

Further Actions:

  • Remove Cloud Edit, reset browser, re-install and observe behaviour on re-install and subsequent access.
  • Check Cloud Edit logs. The log is shown when clicking on the Cloud Edit tray icon (or tray icon menu → Show Cloud Edit). The log is rotated after 10000 lines, i.e. the last 10000 lines are kept. It is shown in realtime, so one can view how CloudEdit works/reacts.
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