Microsoft OneDrive

The Microsoft OneDrive Cloud (formerly SKyDrive) is Microsoft's free Cloud service that enables a user to store up to 7GB of data. File sizes can only be up to 100MB in size over the API (2GB from their website) but you can use file splitting with SME to get around this.

Login to the SME Website and launch the Cloud DashBoard and select OneDrive and then follow the wizard.

OneDrive will ask you to give delegate access to your OneDrive account so it can be indexed and so that you can upload, download and share files from Storage Made Easy Web, Desktop and mobile clients.

An authentication box from Microsoft will open and ask you to sign in to authenticate against delegated access to your account from you using Storage Made Easy. You an revoked this at any time from your Microsoft OneDrive Account settings.

If you ever need to to do this:

  • Click on 'my profile' insideOneDrive web, top right
  • ChooseAccount settings (going to
  • Choose Permissions
  • Choose Apps (Manage)
  • Click on Storage Made Easy
  • Click on Remove/delete button

After your authentication has been verified you will be required to sync your meta data to create your cloud view within SME.   You can wait for this to finish or simply exit as it runs outside of the web browser.

OneDrive has policies around character support in filenames. If your files contain any of the following characters:

 ? [ ] / \ = + < > : ; " , * |     

Then the files may not be uploaded. OneDrive does not give a rejection response in their API for such files so although they may appear to upload they will not be uploaded. Please ensure you don't use such characters in filenames that you wish to store on the OneDrive Cloud.

For OneDrive Pro you should add your details from the SME Office365 Provider

When adding your details there, please enter your details as per the example below which is for an example user called “Carl Jenkins”. The format you enter should be the same.

If you are have a corporate OneDrive account that has a company administrator and you are having trouble adding OneDrive please ensure that your administrator has enabled permissions to add third-party applications.