Provider Synchronization

When the Enterprise File Fabric initially connects to your storage platform, it performs a Provider Synchronization. In this process, the File Fabric builds a metadata model for your storage platform, recording information such as the files and folders that are there. At this stage, the File Fabric does not download or read any of the files, instead, it simply records the metatdata of the files.

Out of the box, the File Fabric's synchronization process will be confined to a single system process. As of File Fabric release 1901.06, the performance speed of the initial synchronization process is configurable which will help you reduce the time it takes for initial synchronization.

To set the number of threads to be used for tis initial synchronization, set / replace the following line inside your file.

var $initialsyncthreads = 2;

The number set here will control the number of concurrent processes permitted to run for a single synchronization task running on your appliance.

You should take care when choosing an appropriate value, as high values could cause performance impacts to the overall platform.

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