Nasuni Access Anywhere 2401 Release Notes

Document last updated: May 29, 2024

Access Anywhere Server 2401.0.1

New Features

Changing the SMB Share Path

The server names or IP addresses can now be changed for Nasuni and SMB providers allowing easier migration or failover. See Nasuni Provider: Changing the Share Path for more information.

Disable Personal Files

Administrators now have the ability to disable uploads of files and folders to the root folder. This is configured for each organization and will be the new default. See Personal Files & Folders for more information.

Option to Show Files in Mixed Security Folder

The Nasuni connector maps Nasuni storage folder and file permissions to Access Anywhere folder permissions. When at least one “file” is not visible on Nasuni storage for a given user the entire “folder” can be hidden by Access Anywhere or the folder can be listed including the file that becomes visible (but not accessible. For more information see Hiding Files in a Mixed Security Folder.


Centralized Logging

Containers now consistently log messages to the server log logits.txt on the node on which they are running.

Nasuni Branding Updates

Branding update for Access Anywhere services and user interfaces.

Resolved Issues

  • SME-6685 WebDAV provide will now sync files with an extension.
  • SME-6904 Filenames with multi-byte characters are now correctly truncated to 255 bytes.
  • SME-7009 Users can no longer delete files through business groups.
  • SME-7039 CloudSFTP now reliably can upload files from PowerShell.
  • SME-7242 External users no longer have the ability to create business groups.
  • SME-7571 Fixed an issue where sometimes logos will disappear from the server selector.
  • SME-7592 Fixed an issue where the pruning of old system logs sometimes would not happen when expected.
  • SME-7605 Incorrect ‘file not found’ message when a file is uploaded through the file manager is fixed.
  • SME-7615 No longer responding with an incorrect HTTP response when a thumbnail can not be created.
  • SME-7687 Fix sorting when download chunked files.
  • SME-7797 Cloud File Manager no longer incorrectly reports a file is moved to trash when it has been deleted.
  • SME-7871 Cloud File Manager now supports creating folders with UTF8 characters.
  • SME-7957 External uses are now able access files shared from Nasuni providers through business groups.
  • SME-7960 Provider names must now be valid file names.
  • SME-8064 Search by folder browser now handles large number of subfolders (30K+).
  • SME-8097 Email templates that include “&” in the subject are not handled correctly.
  • SME-8120 Appladmin password now handles special characters correctly.
  • SME-8120 Opening a Microsoft Office Online PowerPoint preview in a new window no longer returns an error.
  • SME-8239 Multiple UpdateLdapUsersInfo tasks are no longer created for the same Org account.
  • SME-8368 checkPassword logs 305 lines when password is not correct.
  • SME-8375 User deletion no longer may fail with the error 'Info 702. Credentials not found for user. Please relogin'.
  • SME-8457 Folder listing that doesn't include a “.” entry no longer syncs the first item incorrectly as file.
  • SME-8460 Resolved an issue where some thumbnails would be created multiple times for the same user.
  • SME-8496, SME-8497, SME-8483, SME-8237 Resilience of folder syncs on permission errors and under load has been improved.
  • SME-8509 Large files with long path names are not reliably handled by S3 bulk copy and moves.