Nasuni Access Anywhere 2401.0 Upgrade Guide

Latest update: May 23, 2024

The latest versions available are:

  • Nasuni Access Anywhere Server 2401.0.1
  • WebStream 1.1

Important: These instructions apply to upgrades from versions 2309.x and above.

See also Nasuni Access Anywhere 2401 Release Notes


Single Node versus Multi-Node

This procedure is written for systems that follow standard single-node deployment architectures. For advanced deployments see Multiple Node Upgrades.

Backup Appliance and Database

Start by backing up the appliance. The upgrade to will be an upgrade of both software and the database. Please do not proceed without a good backup. The upgrade does not support a database rollback, so if something does not go to plan, a system restore will be required.

Service Window

Upgrades must be performed during service windows. User access to the Access Anywhere Server should be suspended during the service window. The server upgrade from 2401 should take under 20 minutes.

Server Upgrade

Log into the appliance via SSH as smeconfiguser e.g.


Switch to the root user

su -

Stop services

systemctl is-enabled crond && systemctl stop crond && echo 'Stopped Cron'
systemctl is-enabled httpd && systemctl stop httpd && echo 'Stopped HTTPD'

Apply software updates

yum clean all
yum update sme-externalrepo
yum install sme-package-2401.0.1

and to update third-party components

yum update

Now please reboot the system.


Post Upgrade Tasks

Disable Personal Files

If desired you can now prevent users from uploading files and folders to the root folder. See Personal Files & Folders for more information.

The following setting have been changed to increase sync performance for new instances. For your existing installations, we recommend increasing the number of processing threads from 2 to 4 if you have not changed these before. To increase from 2 to 4, run the following as root:

((ffconfig getval initialsyncthreads | grep -w 2) > 2&>1) && (echo 'Increasing from 2 to 4' && ffconfig set initialsyncthreads 4 2&>1) || echo 'Value is already overridden. Skipping'