Adding an S3 Compatible Cloud Provider

Last updated on April 24, 2019.

Storage Made Easy is able to connect to object storage providers without conenctors through an S3 Compatible connector. This means you can easily manage and access  Object Storage from desktop and mobile clients.

The first step is to choose to add the OpenS3 provider to your SME Account either   as a first step on activation or later from the Cloud Dashboard which is accessible from the right sidebar after login to the website.

You need to authorise SME access your S3 Compatible Cloud. To do this you need to enter the S3 endpoint, the Access Key and the Secret Key. SME uses this information to ask for access to your S3 compatible Cloud on demand. All authentication data is stored encrypted, with the encryption key being stored in a separate key server for security.

After you enter your authentication details and these are accepted SME will discover any S3 compatible buckets that are available. You can   choose which buckets you wish to add to your Account, and which will be the default bucket**. As part of this process you can choose to create a new default bucket if you wish, and also choose the reason.

Any buckets you choose not to index / sync will not be available to be worked with an you would need to go back to the Open S3 settings from the Dashboard to add them to your account. This is also the case with any new buckets you add directly from the S3 compatible provider.

** The default bucket is what is used for interactions with Smart folders.

You can choose to sync in the background or just to start synchronisation. right there in the browser. The differences of each are:

1. Foreground - this uses the browser to do the meta-sync and if the browser hangs or you exit it will stop. If you have a small amount of flies (under a few thousand) then this is a fairly quick option.
2. BackGround - this is run as a scheduled Cloud task and will commence within a minute. You will be taken to a page where again you can monitor progress but if you exit the browser the meta sync will continue.

S3 Compatible Clouds include that work with the Open S3 provider include:

Eucalyptus Walrus
Google Storage
OpenStack Swift
Nifty Cloud Storage
Constant Cloud Storage
Tiscali Storage Cloud
SeeWeb Storage Cloud
Dunkel Storage

Once Clouds are added they can be used with the web file manager and also the Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry Apps.

Storage Made Easy also provides an S3 compatible interface that provides S3 access to any mapped clouds even if they do not support the S3 API directly. If you arrived at this page looking for this, please see this Wiki page.

Some S3 compatible storage providers may limit the rate at which it processes requests. This page: File Fabric Handling of Rate-Limiting Storage Providers explains how the File Fabric responds to rate limiting.

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