External Users

last updated Feb. 9, 2022


  • Enterprise File Fabric Appliance v2106 and above
  • Storage Made Easy EU and US SaaS since April 2021


When working with individuals who are not members of the File Fabric organization, it may be desirable to require that these users authenticate before collaborating with your staff or colleagues. For many organisations, security and compliance reasons mean that external users, whether they're from a separate department, sister organisation or a completely external organisation, may not exist within your existing identity management realm, nor would it be possible to add them. With the File Fabric's External User feature you can use File Fabric authentication to authenticate named external users, allow safe and secure collaboration.

External Users can participate in Business Groups and can be authenticated users of Shared Links.


The following are the prerequisites for the External Users feature:

  • Enterprise File Fabric customers: A File Fabric license key that contains a quota greater than zero for 'External Users'
  • Storage Made Easy SaaS Customers: An Organization package with the feature enabled

Enabling External Users

Determining Whether the External User Collaboration is Available

On-premises Enterprise File Fabric customers, login with the ApplAdmin account. Navigate to:

Settings > License Key

From the License Key screen, if you see an external user quota with a value greater than zero then the feature is available for use.

IaaS and SaaS Enterprise File Fabric customers, contact SME Support to find out whether your organization can have External Users.

How The Appliance Administrator Configures the File Fabric for External User Collaboration

There are three required elements for enabling access for external users:

  • A special package denoted for External Users must be configured in the File Fabric.
  • Storage must be configured for the External Users if they will allowed to upload files. Appliance Default Storage may be a useful option for this purpose. Appliance default storage can be configured by the appliance administrator on the Storage page which is accessed from the settings menu:

  • An allowed number of external users (greater than 0) must be configured within the standard organization package (not the External Users package) that is assigned to an organization that wants to use External User Collaboration.

To set up the External User package, navigate to the Packages screen. If you do not have a package yet for external users, the user interface will offer assistance to help you create one if your license key permits use of the feature. Follow the steps on screen to create the package. Note that there can only be one External User package per File Fabric installation.

External users have access to a limited set of features, and the limited package options for external users reflect this.

To set up the organization's package navigate back to the Packages screen. From here, you can set the Max count of external users for the package.

Managing External Users

To manage the external users belonging to your organization, as the organization administrator navigate to the Users screen from your Organization dashboard.

You will observe a second tab on this screen detailing the external users. From here you can see the external users belonging to your organization. You will be able to add and delete external users from here. When an external user is deleted, ownership of their files will be reassigned to the administrator of the organization.