Adding Cloud Providers

The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric platform supports many different data sources - on-premises, in the cloud, and includes file storage, object storage and applications.

Please contact us if you are not sure if your platform is supported. Most object storage vendors and services offer S3-compatible or OpenStack Swift APIs. We can also connect to many applications through their WebDAV, FTPS or SFTP APIs.

These guides will also be helpful for our standalone explorer and drive products.


  1. Alfresco
  2. Amazon Cloud Drive
  3. ActiveScale (Western Digital)
  4. Ceph (S3)
  5. Ceph Rados
  6. Cloudian
  7. DropBox
  8. EMC Atmos
  9. EMC Atmos S3
  10. Email-as-a-Cloud (deprecated)
  11. FilesAnywhere
  12. Filesystems
  14. HPHelion
  15. HPSS
  16. Huddle
  17. IBM Connection Files
  18. iCloud (no 2FA)
  19. iCloud Drive (no 2FA)
  20. Igneous
  21. iKeepinCloud
  22. Leonovus
  23. Memset Memstore
  24. Mirantis
  25. OpenIO
  26. Oracle (OpenStack Swift)
  27. PogoPlug
  28. SafeSync
  29. Salesforce
  30. Scality
  31. SoftLayer
  32. ThinkOn